We specialize in editing your tapes to create amazing highlight movies for your family. Cost is $150 per hour of editing time.

 If you have hours of footage that is simply too much to subject your family to watching – we can help! We look through the footage to find the best moments and put them together in an enjoyable highlight movie that’s perfect for sharing. We can take many years of footage and boil it down to a short film, set to your favorite music, that your family will watch over and over again. We rely on our expertise as moms to know which moments are important and pick them out. Don’t let your video memories go unwatched because there is just TOO much to sit through – let us help summarize your video life into a truly one-of-a-kind movie.

Sample Summary Videos available upon request. We can provide an estimate for # of hours your project might take based on the amount of raw footage. Call for more information.



A picture is worth a thousand words, but a Forever Digital Memories production is priceless!  Create the perfect gift with a memorable montage of favorite pics and video clips set to music. Makes a perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, mitzvahs, wedding rehearsals, vacations, Mother’s/Fathers Day and more.

We will walk you through the process of creating a show from start to finish. We are experts at telling stories through the magic of music and photos. If you are having trouble picking out photos for your show or organizing and picking music, please set up a consultation with us – we’ll help you make a show that your audience will love!


$750 for up to 100 photos or video clips; $5 for every photo after that. One flash drive with your movie in a beautiful custom-designed wood storage box is included, extra “fancy” copies are $75 each. (need to add photo of wood case)


Expert Advice: Consultation to help you plan and organize your show and even help with picking the perfect soundtrack.

Photo Optimization:  Light retouching of every photo to correct faded color, improve contrast, remove red-eye and scratches and to make them look great on the big screen.

Unlimited Options: titles, captions and song choices.

Custom-designed Wood USB Drive and Box

Web Preview & Delivery: We place your sample movie on Vimeo where you can watch it, then tell us what you’d like to change in the final version. This is a great way to make sure your slideshow is perfect before you give it as a gift or play it at an event.  You can keep the final version on Vimeo as well — in case you would like to share the show with friends/relatives around the world.

File Backup: all files backed up in case you need extra copies years from now! 


Call and we will send you some samples that match the occasion you are creating a show for.


How long should my show be? 

It depends on your audience.

Who is your audience? A small group of close family and friends? Or a large wedding reception?

A good rule of thumb is keep it short & sweet for larger gatherings – 8-12 minutes max.  For close friends and family, there is no limit other than your budget.

How many photos should I pick?

These are general guidelines. We will customize the show tempo and length to make it perfect for your event.

100 photos – 5-6 minutes (approx. 2 songs)

150 photos – 8-10 minutes (3 songs)

200 photos — 12-14 minutes (4-5 songs)

How should I organize my slideshow? 

You are telling a story…with a beginning, middle and end. Most people organize things chronologically,  but dividing into themed sections can work well too.  Some popular theme sections are: Early Years, Grandkids, Travels, Holidays.  If you are having trouble just start gathering photos you like and we will help you put it together.


We can help design and order photo gifts including:  Photo Books, iPhone Cases, Calendars, Mugs, Holiday Cards, Wall Canvases and much more.

We have partnerships with some of the best photo gift vendors in the industry giving you great prices and incredible products.

 Give us a call to discuss your photo book or photo gift project!


• Photo Books
• Mugs
• Home Decor
• Holiday Cards
• Wall Art – Canvases, Aluminum Art, Collages

And Much More!