Why scan your printed photos?

Photos easily become damaged; becoming torn, worn out and faded. Let us scan them into a digital format to preserve their current quality for coming generations. When memories are digitally archived, you can back them up and easily share them with family and friends.

• Low-cost, professional scanning without sending your precious memories away in the mail.
• We scan photos and slides right in our Glenview studio using professional scanning equipment.
• Light retouching included:  basic color correction and enhancing contrast and sharpening.

Scanning Loose Photos up to 8×10 -
@600 dpi – $.34 each

Scanning Oversize Photos
Large items over 8.5×14 – $5 and up.  Please call for a quote.

Scanning Photos in Albums
$100 per hour (includes time time to remove photos carefully from album and scan them at 600 dpi). We can put them back into the album or organize them into a Legacy Storage Box.

Digitizing 35mm Slides
$.49 per slide at 3000 dpi


3D Objects/Kids Art/Trophies/Etc.
Do you want to preserve awards, trophies or kids art projects digitally? Using our state of the art light-box studio we can photograph and preserve your items, saving you space (if you are like me and like to toss bulky kids art projects).

$2.50 per item and up - call for a quote

Negatives, Medium Format Slides or other Formats
We have professional scanning equipment to convert nearly any type of film/image you have in-house without sending your memories away in the mail. Please call for a custom quote.

High Speed Scanner Rental
Rent the tools the pros use to scan your entire photo collection in a weekend! Scan at up to 50 photos per minute. You can even scan the backs of photos at the same time to capture written information.

3 Day Rental – $249   |   7 Day Rental – $399

• PS50 high-speed photo scanner
•Kodak flatbed for larger items
•PC Laptop with Kodak software included. Includes Perfect Touch for fast and easy enhancement of photos after scanning
•Delivery and info session to help you get up and running
•Flash drive to save your scanned images or Dropbox delivery

Photo Restoration
For images needing more restoration we partner with an affordable retouching service that can bring new life to your old, damaged photos. Custom quote depending on level of restoration needed.  Typically prices range from $30 to $50.  Call for an estimate on your photos.


Digitizing outdated media is an important step in preserving your memories. Cameras become outdated quickly and technology changes rapidly. At Forever Digital, we are committed to helping you reclaim lost memories on outdated cassettes of all shapes and sizes. We futureproof your video transfer investment by providing 2 delivery methods - USB/Flash Drive AND private cloud storage - and BOTH delivery methods are included in your transfer price. We also place a high priority on enjoying and sharing your memories with family members and we have creative ideas to help you do this.

Cost to Digitize VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Mini DV tapes is $35 per tape.



What is the private cloud storage you offer?

At Forever Digital we are unique in that we pay for and maintain a cloud site for each transfer client through a company called Mediazilla. After your transfer is complete, you will get an email from Mediazilla for each family member/email that you provide. This link will allow each person to create a private account to view AND download your videos from any device that has internet access - even Apple TV. Only you and your family members will view your videos. You pay nothing extra for ongoing, on-demand cloud access of your movies!

I don’t have dates on all of my tapes and I can’t watch them to figure out what might be on them?

No problem. At Forever Digital we distinguish our transfer process from the big box stores by our attention to detail. We will do our best to put tapes in order based on criteria like kids birthdays, vacations, etc. We will send you screenshots of content on tapes to get your input. Finally, if we are stumped and can’t figure out a date - we will put the entire video in Mediazilla for you to watch with family and help us figure out a date/title down the road.

If some of my tapes are short (say under 10 minutes) - Do I still have to pay $35 per tape?

It depends. We will digitize all the tapes and then determine if any of them are short. If so, at our discretion we will combine them into one tape for pricing purposes. We do our best to keep the transfer cost to a minimum because we consider it so important to do this type of project.

Can you edit my videos - I have a lot of unimportant stuff on them?

Yes. We provide quick edits (taking out a single portion of one tape) in the cost of the tape transfer. If you want more extensive editing - we provide custom video editing for $150 per hour. We can take many hundreds of hours of footage and turn it into a magical custom video complete with music. Ask for a custom quote..